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I am thrilled to be the harbinger of happy news: You don’t have to have a book on the shelves at Waldenbooks to be an author.

You are curious, observant, thoughtful and insightful.  You collect ideas, facts, opinions and quotes.  You share strategies, reflect deeply, seek feedback and believe in livelong learning.

If you write a book, an article, a blog post or a letter, you are an author.  Write a haiku, an editorial or a speech?  Yes. You are an author.  Here at K12Leaders, we are here to amplify your message and engage our audience…

So, WE are curious…

Graphic image with a typewriter and the words "What makes your writing worth reading??"

What makes your writing worth reading??

As authors, we learn to answer that question every day, with every piece we publish. We write, edit, read, reflect…. write, edit, read, reflect…. write, read, edit and write and edit some more….

We would LOVE to see you grow as an author here… on K12Leaders… with us.  Your voice matters.

How can K12L help amplify your voice as an author?

Polls: Submit a question you are curious about with a few answer choices. We will run the poll, strip out the personal information and let you run with the results.  Share your findings on K12Leaders with others.

Surveys:   Everyone wants to know what those in education are thinking.  We have the capabilities to send surveys out through our channels.  Draft a survey and we can help hone your design.  Then? Use those insights to author a post of your own to illuminate those results.

Editing: Posts chosen for amplification on K12Leaders will receive editorial review and feedback. We will help you focus your message and make your writing worth reading!

Social Promotion: As K12Leaders’ social influence expands, so will yours! We will share posts out via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and of course on our website.

Curious to learn more? Are you ready to share your story?

Reach out to us, we’d love to help!



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