Making Summer Count!

Hey there, you EdTech Leader!

If it hasn’t already, your school or district is likely about to wrap up for the summer, and I know you’re ready to take advantage of the reduced student traffic in your buildings to catch up on some overdue tasks. So, I’ve got a question for you: What are you doing to make this summer count?

I bet you’ve got some incredible ideas brewing to make your schools improve, and that’s why I’m inviting you to share your summer edtech priorities in this quick survey!

Your input will be interesting to other K12Leaders who are figuring out how they can balance their device maintenance along with recharging their own batteries. Whether you’re exploring AI-powered tools, designing immersive learning experiences, or revamping your IT infrastructure, your perspective is invaluable.

Let’s share, inspire, and create a summer that will have a lasting impact on our schools and learners!


Dana, K12Leaders Advisory Board

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The Great Digital Treasure Hunt
How do you plan to manage the inventory and maintenance of your devices this summer?
Cybersecurity Bootcamp
Are you considering any special training or activities to boost cybersecurity awareness?
Your answers will help other K12 schools and districts develop best practices to better protect their districts.
The Network Olympics
What’s your strategy for network improvements during the quieter summer months?
EdTech Expo
Do you have plans to explore new educational technologies this summer?
We'd love to share your thoughts and priorities with other K12 tech directors!
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