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CEO and Co-Founder- K12Leaders

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Edsby- Vice President of US Education

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Vision Student Information Systems- CEO

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itslearning- Vice President of Business Development

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Real-time Data about the Real Quit in K12: Winter 2022


Standing in the Gap: Responding to Intolerance and Committing to Safe Schools


Demystifying Document Management

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Education Technology, Human Resources

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Board Management and Community Relations, Curriculum and Instruction, Education Policy, Education Technology, Equity and Inclusion, Human Resources, School Leadership, Student Health and Wellness, Teacher Education

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Co-Authoring- Helping someone finish their book or paper, Collaboration on a Project, Editing Services, Leadership Development/Mentoring, Peer Review

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Peer Review, I need a co-author, or help finishing my book

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I’ve been support education for my entire career. After a short time in the classroom, I found myself involved in the design and implementation of educational technologies to support better outcomes for students at all levels, including military, corporate, higher-ed, and for the last 15 years K12.

We started developing K12Leaders in 2021 as a project to help connect educators in a professional learning environment, and as an alternative to other main-stream social media that can be such a mixed bag for teachers, staff, and administrators.