Where Do We Go?

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Dear K12Leader,

I’ve been thinking…. what is the difference between a Social Media Network and a Professional Network? Is it the difference between enrollment and engagement ? Between addiction and connection ? Between attention and intention ?

Perhaps you have seen the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, or YouTube videos teaching us to be wary of social media and big data.  You’ve possibly watched more than one and recognize many well-known experts brought into the conversation.  Yes, some videos can feel pretty extremist, depending on perspective… easy to spit out and disregard.  However, you cannot brush-aside the thought-provoking, easier to digest information provided. These videos contain information ALL of us need to know, and facts we cannot ignore.  All too often, these big platforms hawk us as the commercial product being sold.  We are not their customers.  We are sitting on shelves, waiting to be sold over and over and over again.  While we share favorite recipes, lesson plans, cat videos and vacation shots, our value goes up.  These videos talk about the addictive side of social media, and how that is by design. 

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I have watched, too. I’ve watched these videos and documentaries from the perspective of a teacher, of a mom, of a ‘user’.

Until recently, I’ve NEVER watched from the perspective of a  creator ; someone helping to design a platform where adults who meet the needs of students can connect with other professionals. 
At K12Leaders , we are early in the process. We are not collecting or analyzing anything invasive. We have no bots recommending content. We are not employing suggestive technology. We have not sold any access or information to anyone. We are trying to emulate…what is the education term – a least restrictive environment?  Minimally invasive techniques? 

We remember students — KIDS — are at the core of what we do. KIDS are why we  care  about what we do.  We are so different from other social platforms. We ultimately want to intentionally connect everyone in education so we can lead K12 learning in the best direction for kids.  

I keep thinking and thinking about … “If you are not a customer, then you are probably the product”.   To our members….  We don’t want you  addicted  to K12Leaders. We want you  connected  with K12Leaders.  You will never be a “user” to us.  

So where do we go??

Here at K12Leaders, we are growing at a rate faster than LinkedIn did in their first year. When it comes to social media, the larger it is, the harder it is to change.  We are small and nimble enough to plan and adjust our trajectory now.  Our small size allows us to be responsive to the needs of our members.  We are in a great position to design technology humanely, as a valuable asset within the education space for years to come.  

We don’t want you addicted to K12Leaders. We want you connected with K12Leaders.

You will never be a “user” to us.

We love our URL, not because we only want members with “Leader” in their title to join.  We want to be a collective group of  professionals who lead all realms of K12 Education  moving forward. Together.  

We hope you add your voice and ideas to the conversation. We hope you create groups where you can collaborate. We hope you connect on the platform during conferences.  We hope you invite colleagues to join. 

We are glad you are here.  Grow along with us!

We love our URL, not because we only want members with “Leader” in their title to join.  #K12Leaders wants to be a collective group of  professionals who lead all realms of K12 Education  moving forward. Together.  



Editorial Director, K12Leaders


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