Announcing Free Certificates for AI, Data Advocacy, and Device Management Through K12Leaders Professional Pathways

K12Leaders, the premier professional community for K12 educational leaders, is excited to announce the launch new Professional Pathways Leadership Certificates for Summer 2024!

Our unique Pathways combine high-quality content, certificates, and credentialing with active community engagement, enabling participants to collaborate, communicate, and expand their networks while building their professional competencies. Join us in exploring these transformative learning opportunities designed specifically for K12 leaders.

K12Leaders is a professional learning network built by educators for educators. We understand the importance of continuous learning and growth for educational leaders, and many of the barriers we all wrestle with when pursuing professional growth. Professional Pathways go beyond traditional online courses by embedding learning and professional development into active social/professional communities, allowing learners to not only acquire new knowledge and skills but also to expand their professional networks, share insights, and build lasting professional relationships .

What sets our Professional Pathways apart is the carefully curated content from respected learning providers and individual educational leaders. We’ve partnered with organizations like

These collaborations ensure that our participants have access to the most relevant and impactful learning materials along with active cohorts of K12 leaders equally committed to their professional growth.

In addition to these partnerships, we’re proud to feature certificates developed by active educators. For instance Beth Clark, Sr. Director of Leadership and Learning from CESA 2, WI, has created an outstanding pathway, Best Practices in K12 Device Deployment. This Pathway equips educational leaders with the strategies and tools needed to lead the effective roll-out and management of devices throughout a district.

K12Leaders maps select Pathways to highly respected professional learning standards and logs clock hours on completed certificates helping to ensure that the time and effort invested in our Professional Pathways are recognized and valued by the educational community. All certificates are stored in members’ professional profile, and can be easily shared on social channels and validated through their unique ID or QR code.

By combining cutting-edge content, community engagement, and credentialing, K12Leaders is revolutionizing professional development for K12 educational leaders. We invite you to explore our Professional Pathways and embark on a journey to enhance your skills, expand your network, and ultimately benefit the students and communities you serve.

Visit today to learn more about our Professional Pathways and start your journey towards excellence in educational leadership!

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