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“The world is encountering change. And we’re encouraged to take it seriously. Therefore, let’s prepare children to discover, strengthen, and utilize their PERSONAL POWER through the POWER OF WORDS.”

Bruce Cabell

Instilling the power of resiliency for children’s health and well-being is critical. Lacking strength to persist through everyday challenges in the social, emotional, mental, and academic arenas is concerning and prevalent for school-aged children.

Numerous children are challenged by issues such as bullying, poverty, health, peer pressure, family issues, academic expectations, anxiety or belonging. When these concerns manifest into a continuous uphill battle, children dwell in harmful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Therefore, thoughts and feelings require positive transformation with the support of strong, loving adults.

To provoke change, resilience, and healthy lives, a series of 40 I Have the Power poems were written for children in grades 3 and up. Each poem is sorted under CASEL’s SEL Framework and supports one or more PPs (Personal Pillars) below.

Poems can be utilized individually and in small to large groups as well. One pillar doesn’t carry more weight than the other. Each promotes knowledge, inspiration and/or strategies, as well as building a foundation for the next.

  • Pillar 1: Authenticity (Emotional Strength)- 10 poems
  • Pillar 2: Self-Confidence (Emotional/Mental Strength)- 10 poems
  • Pillar 3: Resilience/Perseverance (Mental Strength)- 10 poems
  • Pillar Extensions: (Emotional/Mental Strength)- 10 poems

Thus, what is my purpose and vision?

I encourage educators to teach I Have the Power poems to enhance children’s inner strength, knowledge, understanding, and social-emotional well-being. In addition, the Power of Words are essential tools to regulate and heal the human body.

However, engaging children in a discussion about poem’s theme, message, and vocabulary will be critical as well.

Having experienced trauma or not, discussing age-appropriate material or life events through poetry is an avenue to persevere and succeed. The time is now to prepare children for new learning and experiences, as well as the unexpected impacting human life.

Before children begin their journey through each poem, provide time to discuss the power within (inner strength). Ask how personal power can be displayed. Is it through mental or emotional strength such as awareness, determination, courage, empathy, confidence or respect?

Inspire children to share examples of their power in situations at school and home. Have them demonstrate their I Have the Power stance.

Immersing in this unique project, I believe each poem will provide a shoulder to lean on – helping and supporting children to move forward and persevere.

I understand each poem will take root in mind, heart, and spirit – to help children live the successful home and school life they deserve.

And in the end, I know each poem will motivate children to transform into authentic, confident, and resilient human beings.

Therefore, can you stand in my shoes? Do you sense my vision? If so, are you prepared to participate and collaborate in the I Have the Power project? Not sure? Then answer the following questions.

Are you eager to question, challenge or change the status quo? Do you embody the courage and fortitude to liberate children from the same ol’ practices or pedagogies in education? Are you determined to invite children on a transformative journey through the Power of Words? Are you encouraged to engage in life-changing, mind-expanding discussions?

Reach out if interested.

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  1. Here are three Sample Poems:

    Pillar 1: Authenticity

    I Have the Power to be Authentic (Emotional Strength)
    CASEL: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision-Making

    I’m a superhero – the one and only ME.
    Standing in my truth… acting courageously.
    Born with special talents – gifts for all to see,
    My SUPERHERO ME… reveals authenticity.
    Ignored and overlooked, my design is here to stay.
    Able and authentic… forever on display.
    Someone I am not, I won’t pretend to be.
    I’m real, I’m honest, and confident… that’s the power in ME.
    I’ll share my superpower – proud and heroically.
    Display my imperfections – speak expressively.
    You’ll sense my truest nature, understand my personality,
    Rejoice in divine talent, and celebrate originality!

    Pillar 2: Self-Confidence

    I Have the Power for Self-Talk (Emotional/Mental Strength)
    CASEL: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness,
    Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision-Making

    I’M READY, I’M SET… so happy for school
    But first, I must learn a self-talking rule.
    Self-talk is healthy – self-talk is cool
    Self-talk inspires when working in school.


    “I’m calm and collected – taking the lead
    Making new friends and learning to read.
    I’m growing and growing since making mistakes
    Mistakes are for learning and easy to make.

    I manage my problems with focus and ease
    Solutions discovered? Simply a breeze.
    A helper to classmates – a winner by far
    A victor, not victim – a bright superstar.

    I’m plenty and perfect – smarter than smart
    I’m one of a kind and true work of art.
    I honor my value – I love being ME
    I am who I am and what will be, will be.”

    Thus, perky and proud – poised and polite
    Using self-talk is so out of sight!
    Ready and able – must be on my toes
    My teacher is waiting and eager to GO.

    Pillar 3: Resilience/Perseverance

    I Have the Power to STOP Bullying (Mental Strength)
    CASEL: Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision-Making

    DO NOT label me… hatred’s in your tone.
    DO NOT tease or taunt – cast your sticks and stones.
    I will speak the truth – I’ll be crystal clear,
    If you bully me, I will persevere.
    Standing in my power helps me to succeed,
    Heals severe harassment and insults blaming me.
    Graceful and courageous, I’m tougher than you know.
    Strength is in control with self-esteem aglow.
    STOP your fierce attacks, as well as vicious lies,
    You are hurting too – I see it in your eyes.