Advertising Cookies and Mental Health…

I was doing some research this morning on student and teacher mental health as we have a couple of growing wellness communities on K12leaders.  In the middle of a good article, with actual hard numbers about a very serious topic, I get to make a choice to have a cookie.  And, reading the bright red notice, not just a single cookie, but if I eat one I have to eat the whole bag… unless I put them back myself.

Awkward metaphor?  I don’t think so…  I can share that it distracted me enough to write up this quick post… and to ask these question:

As an educator, district leader, or researcher, how does this make you feel?  Would this distract you from the value of the content?  Make you rethink the site you’re reading it on?

Are you resolved to this reality?  How well do you understand what a cookie is?  Do you know the difference between and “advertising cookie” and a “performance cookie?”  (Chips Ahoy v. Cliff bar, maybe?)

And now, back to my research… in a sec. I’m getting some more coffee. And maybe a snack.

Posted by: Mike Bronder

Michael Bronder is one of the co-founders of K12Leaders and has invested his career in supporting teaching and learning at all levels… military, corporate, higher ed, and K12.

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