K12Leaders and My eCoach Announce Acquisition

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K12 pioneer, My eCoach, to merge with K12Leaders creating the largest community and professional development platform for K12 educators, staff, and administrators.

Andover, MA— January 23rd, 2023 Barbara Bray, Owner/Founder of My eCoach and Michael Bronder, CEO of K12Leaders, today announced the acquisition and merger of  My eCoach into K12Leaders (https://K12leaders.com) for undisclosed terms. This agreement expands K12Leaders’ active membership and creates new opportunities for collaboration, networking, and career development for the long-time users of My eCoach.

My eCoach was founded in 2001 by digital pioneer Barbara Bray who built the platform to provide a safe and secure online environment that would provide educators with the tools they needed to improve their instruction, leadership potential, and careers. With that platform, she and her team created coaching and mentoring strategies that were adopted by thousands of schools, 犀利士 districts, and educators world-wide. Bray will continue to support her mission through the K12Leaders platform.

K12Leaders was launched in the summer of 2022 by a team of educators with a similar mission… to create a safe online environment for educators, staff, and administrators to collaborate on strategies to improve education. That includes platforms for social networking, career advancement, and professional learning & certifications.

Together, these platforms create a comprehensive suite of tools and a team of experienced educational leaders to better serve the professionals who serve K12 education.

“We’ve known that K12 educators have a hard relationship with social media,” said Bronder. “Our team of educators created K12Leaders as a space where teachers, staff, and administrators can find the tools they need to network and collaborate, while avoiding the downsides of some of the more well-known platforms.  Barbara has been on a similar mission throughout her career and has created so many opportunities for coaches and mentors to collaborate and share resources. Working together we’ll be able to advance our shared missions that much better!”

“The My eCoach team searched for an online coaching platform to help educators improve their practice,” said Bray. “There was nothing available at that time, so we created My eCoach as a safe place where educators could network, learn, create, and share online. When I realized that K12Leaders was on a similar mission as My eCoach, I saw the benefits of merging our tools and content into their platform. I’m excited to work together to provide My eCoach members a new platform that allows educators to connect, collaborate, create, and curate in innovative ways.”


K12Leaders (https://K12leaders.com) is a social media platform designed exclusively to serve K12 education.  K12Leaders differs from more well-known social media sites by specifically supporting the needs of K12 educators, staff, and administrators. That includes career management tools, mentoring and coaching opportunities, event management, and professional networking. Learn more and teach better at K12leaders.com!

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Carl Hooker


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  1. I built My eCoach over 20 years ago to provide a safe and secure place online for educators worldwide. There is an eLibrary with thousands of resources and projects, a standards alignment tool, a website builder, and many more tools and content that can be merged into K12Leaders.

    After talking with Michael Bronder, I could see the potential of the K12LEADERS platform. I’m excited to work with you and your team to support the growth of the K12Leaders platform and the multiple opportunities to learn, connect, create, and collaborate for all educators including My eCoach members.

      1. Hey Michael – sorry for the delayed response. I’m bummed I couldn’t make it this year. I’m very much hoping to next year. Which other conferences might you be going to this spring? I look forward to connecting in person.