Educators… Utilize Your Sword, Wand, and Cup

Innovative tools are often discussed within teacher circles. While most are tangible and focused on academics, tools of the heart and mind are required for teachers to be successful leaders and healers as well. Teachers are expected to achieve their full potential. However, not easy when obstacles keep them chained and stagnant.

Thus, to help them break free, flourish, and succeed, I suggest every teacher carry and integrate the following… a sword, a wand, and a cup.

All three should work in unison to acquire balance in school and peer relationships. If one is utilized more than the other or one is used carelessly, each becomes useless, and the life of a teacher remains difficult and motionless.

Therefore, let’s begin with the teacher’s SWORD ! It symbolizes the mind and intellect.

With its razor-sharp tip, the sword targets the heart of the matter. If it’s carried and treated properly, teacher thoughts embody truth, action, change, and courage. In addition, the teacher’s stance is firm, direct, reasonable, level-headed, and wise.

Communication is central and a powerful influence for student support and success. And teachers’ words? They’re supported with action! Seeking positive solutions to school conflicts and students’ academic, social, and emotional struggles are first and foremost.

With the sword in one hand, the WAND rises in the other. When it’s embraced, it represents determination, creativity, ambition, and inspiration. The teacher’s passionate energy is high and nothing or no one should distinguish it unless it burns out of control triggering teacher stress, exhaustion, and depression.

Furthermore, the teacher’s wand is contagious. As others sense the teacher’s fiery personality for love of children and their well-being, they yearn to hold a wand of their own. Why? It has an exciting, dramatic, and healing impact on the heart and mind.

In addition, the wand ignites and transforms individuals who are less familiar with its influence. And the magic a teacher’s wand embodies is compelling. It illuminates and moves everyone forward in a confident manner. When the teacher’s sword and wand work simultaneously, people understand they are a dynamic force to reckon with.

With the sword and wand working in harmony, the last element for a teacher is their overflowing CUP . If there’s an energy that’s pure and rooted in a teacher’s aura, it’s their connection and strong feelings of love, joy, and compassion for others.

That’s not to say every teacher is prepared to offer a cup OR has a cup to offer. At times, egos are in charge. Drama, conflict, and competition between teachers are present. What’s occurring is the overpowering ability of their sword and wand. Action and passion have transformed into criticism and judgement. Therefore, both elements must be mastered.

Again, while the teacher’s sword represents the mind, the cup represents the heart. Creativity, empathy, and healing abilities are connected to the teacher’s cup. When flowing freely, love for another is central. But, if there comes a point when the cup is raging with unpredictable emotions, love is difficult to bud and flourish.

The sword, wand, and cup are required to lead, heal, and succeed in the teaching profession. They’ll transform peers and students to be leaders and healers as well.

So, if you’re searching for teachers embracing innovative tools, make sure their repertoire consists of the sword, wand, and cup! 


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