Supporting, Not Supplanting, Educators’ Creativity: Introducing K12Leaders’ AI Powered Co-author!

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K12Leaders is proud to announce the release of Co-author , our AI powered blogging assistant. Co-author leverages the power of AI to help educators amplify their voice and share their experience with their colleagues. With Co-author, blogging is easier than ever.

Co-author is free for educators and integrated into the K12Leaders blogging menu.

Integrated directly into the already powerful K12Leaders blogging workflow, Co-author can help with everything from refining topics, to creating outlines and rough drafts, to copy-editing final versions. Co-author is intelligent enough to understand the nuances of a written piece and can make suggestions for improvement, while still being respectful of the author’s voice and style.

We’ve designed Co-author to make the blogging process faster and more efficient, without sacrificing the quality of the content. Co-author is free to educators, as is participation in the K12Leaders network!

By joining the K12Leaders network and blogging with Co-author, educators can share their expertise and experience with their colleagues. The K12Leaders blogging platform is a great way to get your message out to your colleagues within the private K12Leaders network, to over 30,000 newsletter readers, and across all the other mainstream social media platforms.

Along with the intuitive embedding of AI in the blogging workflow, other benefits of blogging on K12Leaders include:

  • A pre-built audience of over 30,000 educators, associations, and corporate partners
  • Free editorial services
  • Optional free syndication across multiple main-stream social media networks

Co-author will be a powerful tool for educators, empowering them to share their stories and ideas with a wider audience. It is our hope that with Co-author, educators will be able to better communicate their knowledge, experiences, and passions to their audience, and to each other.

At K12Leaders, we’re dedicated to amplifying educators’ voices. Blogging with Co-author makes that even better. We are excited to hear what you have to share, and are looking forward to keeping the conversation going at!

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